Kangol Jumps Into The Music World

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It seems like today, everyone is launching a music streaming service learning and taking from others. Surprising and interestingly enough British hat brand, Kangol has recently joined in on the action bringing about Radio Kangol, an internet radio station.

Radio Kangol will team up with underground music labels worldwide, like Los Angeles-based Stones Throw and Burger Records, New York’s Minimal Wave and Golf Channel, DC funk outfit Peoples Potential Unlimited, Jamaica’s Rockers International, Foundation (Seoul), Soundway (London), Workshop (Berlin), and Plant Records (Osaka) to offer an eclectic mix of hip-hop, dance, reggae, and more.

Traditionally for fashion in hip hop and made famous mainly by LL COOL J, Kangol is traditionally known for their stylish hats, it’s pretty interesting to see them jumping in the ring of music streaming.

What brand or company do you foresee jumping into the streaming world next?