Kanye Diagnosed With “Mental Condition”

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Kanye finally addresses the questions on his state of mind. When talking to Big Boy on the radio, the rapper revealed he was diagnosed with a “mental condition” at the age of 39. Yet, he did not detail any specifics to what condition he has; We can pull some assumptions based from his latest album.

The 40-year-old artist snapped the cover image of scenic Wyoming mountains on the way to his Ye album listening party. The cover also includes the words, “I hate being bipolar it’s awesome.” Kanye subjects bipolarness in the track “Yikes.” The lyrics include, “that’s my bipolar sh*t.” The album also reflects on many events currently going on in his family’s life.

Kanye goes on proclaiming he completely “redid” the album after the infamous TMZ appearance. The outspoken rapper faced a wrath of heat after referring slavery to “a choice” for 400 years. The facial expressions of the TMZ crew were enough to understand the statement may have gone too far. The TMZ appearance shook the world on social media, everyone giving their concerns for Kanye and his mental health.

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Even with his mental condition, he is not seeing it as a disability. “It’s my superpower,” he declares to Big Boy. The condition allows him to be at the creative level to make albums like Ye. He went on to show appreciation for how blessed he is to have the space and platform as an artist. The rapper discusses how most workers or employees could not make such opinionated statements and be able to keep their jobs. He is grateful that he was able to bounce back from the hate and see his album on the rise.

Kanye’s ending words, “It’s a beautiful time to be alive.”