Kanye West’s Best Paparazzi Moments

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Over the years, Kanye West has been in an ongoing war with the paparazzi, and he has notoriously hated them for years as they have pried into his life. Despite his hate, it has resulted in absolute video gold for fans and viewers, which has made him someone to watch even more so, unfortunately for him. After settling a lawsuit for assaulting a paparazzi a few years ago, Yeezy has been spending a lot of his time trolling cameramen whenever he sees them, and the results are iconic.

Kanye West Coachella 2011

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Check out the best moments between Kanye and the paparazzi on the following pages.

“Do you see this coat?”

kanye west do you see this coat

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Kanye West has given us a lot of one-liners over the years, and memorable quotes, but none may be more amazing than when he responded to a cameraman questioning him about venturing into the fashion industry.

When paparazzi told them paps to never speak to him, or even themselves.

Kanye West speaks onstage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California

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Kanye says a lot of confusing things, but nothing was more confusingly hilarious than when he spazzed on the paps, telling them to not speak to him, anyone he knows, or even themselves. So, basically, the paparazzi should have their vocal chords removed, according to Kanye.