Kanye West’s Closest Associate Is In SERIOUS Trouble For Being A Serial Rapist

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This year, Kanye West has steamrolled past the competition with his eclectic offering, The Life of Pablo. Despite being marred by controversy, Kanye managed to trump his adversaries with a very dope album. Now, it appears that someone within his inner circle is entangled in a web of drama. The sad thing about this is that Kanye can only haplessly watch on the sidelines as his buddy continues to drown in his puddle of problems.

Kanye West speaks onstage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California

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Find out which one of Kanye’s buddies is in trouble with the law.

Ian Connor Is Being Accused Of Rape!

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Source: Instagram @ianconnorsrevenge

According to The Daily Mail, Ian Connor is being accused of being a serial rapist. Two young women came forward and revealed that they were taken advantage of by the celebrity stylist. Malika Anderson, 23, and Khaditia Diallo, 19, waived their anonymity card to explicitly detail their graphic ordeals with the fashion guru to The Daily Mail.

Connor Stole Diallo’s Virginity When She Was 16

Ian Connor selfie

Source: Instagram @ianconnorsrevenge

Diablo explained to The Daily Mail how Connor took her virginity and left her fearing that she was possibly pregnant with his baby. ‘He had seen a picture of me. I was 16 and I told him I was 16. I didn’t lie about my age and I said I was still in high school,’ she said. ‘But he said, “I’m going to come pick you up from school tomorrow’. I didn’t think too much about it – I thought it was OK so I told him, sure, we can hang out.’