Kash Doll Speaks Out About Drake Dating Rumors

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Credit: Arthur Mola/AP

Living the bachelor lifestyle for a while now, Drake has been linked to many different women. Fans and sources are quick to make dating accusations as soon as he’s spotted out with a new face. He initially was photographed out with Raye one week, then Malaika Terry the next. The latest rumor was with Kash Doll when they were photographed hugging.

Kash Doll has confirmed that the two are definitely not dating. Apparently Drake was scheduled to make an appearance on Angela Yee’s YouTube channel Lip Service the same day she was there. The only physical interaction was that one single hug and exchangings a few words.

Source: Instagram @champaignepapi

Kash Doll stated, “Why is it that, as soon as you post a picture or you around somebody or something, you dating them. I don’t feel like nothing wrong, I ain’t hugging him, I’m just sitting there chillin’ and he just put his arm around me like that’s my dawg. That’s what I felt, maybe I just know what it is.”

The two have crossed paths many times in the past and safe to say nothing is happening here. Drake reached out to her back in 2016, requesting she would open for him in Detroit, which is her hometown. Kash has gone on creating a huge fan following and blooming as an artist. She, of course, accepted the offer, and both have been supportive of each other’s music careers.

Drake has not made any comment on the dating rumors regarding any of the ladies he’s been seen with, but he most likely is getting sick of all the rumors circling his love life.

Source: Instagram @champaignepapi