Kendrick Lamar Is Depressed and Might Drop His Album This Year

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Kendrick Lamar continues his promo-run and had a lot to say during his most recent stop in Houston. The “i” rapper opened up on his experience with depression and even kept the possibility open of dropping his new album this year — contrary to reports of the highly anticipated project releasing in 2015. Listen to the genuine sit-down above.

[It’s been] facing my life not only then but even now, in these recent years of being in the limelight and trying to deal with and balance your personal life with the music. There comes a lot of turmoil when you talking about money, fame, fortune and success. There’s a lot of things you got to handle and balance, and that brings a whole lot of depression. I’ve spoken with artists that have done it before me, and they said they’ve been through the same phases, too.