Kendrick Lamar Wanted Tupac On ‘The Blacker The Berry’

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Kendrick Lamar is the face of Mass Appeal’s newest issue. K. Dot talks about his near-classic album To Pimp A Butterfly and his dream collaboration with Tupac. As usual, the Compton rapper drops gems in an insightful interview. Check out our favorite quotes below and read the full piece here. Do you think To Pimp A Butterfly is a classic?

If Pac was alive, what song would you have wanted him to kick a verse on?
You know when the beat switches on The Blacker The Berry? Id have him go off over that, and tone it all the way down, but in his aggressive tone, man. And give it more of a sincere attribute to the song because the song is so aggressive. But you know when he comes on, his spirit is just so warm, hes gonna speak nothing but the truth. So when that beat breaks down into that, and then goes into You Aint Gotta Lie, thats all him.

What do you think is the future of your generation?
I think the future of my generation is entrepreneurs times a hundred. Well probably be one of the most prosperous generations in history. Not only do we have the belief, but we have the work ethic to go out there and get it. We are very independent. We are very confident in our own identity, which is a great thing. Because what this [generation] has is more people starting their own business and not being confined to what [an existing] company has to offer [them]. But, on the other hand, our belief system is gonna play a major part in it. Our belief system is not the way how my parents were, how my grandparents were, and the more and more time goes on, we lose that thought or idea of God and energy. So what happens is we stop caring for people and we stop honoring and respecting people, you feel me? So I think once we grab that aspect back into my generation were gonna be alright.