Kevin Durant Calls Rapper The Game A Liar

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Kevin Durant is calling rapper, The Game a liar following claims that the NBA’s reigning M.V.P lost a $20K bet to him after betting that the rapper couldn’t sink an NBA 3-pointer.

Durant said he never bet The Game any cash and took to twitter to say this on June 11… 

Aight this is it. I never bet the game 20k cash. I never bet him. I told him I would give his aau team kd gear. That’s all. 

Prior to Duran’t tweet, The Game went on a tirade on Instagram about being called a liar posting the above video with the long winded caption:

Bet Kevin Durant a.k.a. @EasyMoneySniper$20,000 that he’d have to donate to [email protected] & play wit #LaFamilia in the#DrewLeague if I made an NBA 3 pointer all net & my hittas @jharden13 @Demar_Derozan & @ChampagnePapi was right there to witness it all… I guess that’s that ! KD must ain’t get the memo….. My jumper wetter than stripper p%$$¥ !!!!!!!!!! #BloodMoney#OvO#LaFamilia#itMustBeTheShoes#AirYeezys#GiveMeA10Day#iCanGuardLebron#WithMichaelJordans20YearOldBody#MyJLikeJakeShuttlesworth#KeepTheChange#DontBowWowMeAndNeverPay#ItsForTheKids#GameLoveTheKids#FroggAllstars#AAU#Nike#Basketball


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Now why @easymoneysniper frontin on the kids homie ?!?!?!? We clearly said….. ‘If I made the 3 from NBA range you’d supply the entire @froggallstarsprogram with brand new Kevin Durant shoes’…… 120 kids, close to $200 a shoe equals about $20,000….. How am I lying ???? Just say you a sore loser & you ain’t wanna help the kids…. It ain’t that they need it cause I bought all 120 kids Lebrons out my own pocket as you can see on their Instagram.. But I thought it would be kool for them to meet you & be able to ball in your shoes especially since they look up to you & I made the shot as WE AGREED…@champagnepapi was right there, so was @[email protected]_skit & @Demar_Derozan But don’t sweat it champ, we’ll still support you & I’ll go buy them myself just cause they mean that much to me….. 1 love – The Game