Kevin Gates Disses President Obama on Instagram

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Kevin Gates has been making a lot of crazy Instagram videos out of late. The I Don’t Get Tired rapper latest IG antics throw shade at President Barack Obama’s tenure in office.

N*gg*s so stupid, talking bout a change gon come. [Since] Obama been in office I done buried more of my n*gg*s and more family than I ever did in my life. All he did was fuck a n*gg* money up since he been in office. Please get this n*gg* out of office.

I'm done talkin #kevingates4president #BWA #idgt

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

He justified his comments with this statement.

No money in the streets means, beef, war in the streets, murder. Mothers bury they children. The crime rate rise.

Say @ogboobieblack_bwa dis my last post I swear #BWA #idgt

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