Kevin Gates Facing Charges In Florida

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kevin gates bwa shirt

Source: Instagram @iamkevingates

Kevin Gates openly admits he’s been in and out of jail ever since he was a child. While he never gives a definite answer on how much time exactly he spent behind bars, the rapper says most of his sentences stem from drug and gun charges. It’s safe to say the Louisiana native knows the ins and outs of the prison system, and he even used his time there to earn a Masters in Psychology.

While Kevin Gates has stayed out of trouble since 2011, it looks like a recent incident might change that. Yesterday, we reported the rapper kicked a female fan in the chest while performing in Florida and now the local law enforcement team has gotten involved. We bet Kevin Gates is definitely regretting his actions now.

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kevin gates bwa shirt

Source: Instagram @iamkevingates

Lakeland, FL police are now working with the State Attorney office and are working on charging Kevin Gates. The victim was injured badly enough from the incident that she went to the hospital after the show. While rappers do deserve personal space while performing, it’s safe to say the MC OD’ed a little bit too much.

We hope the female fan is okay and Kevin Gates avoids jail time for this incident. Over the past few years, the “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper has worked hard to turn his life around and is one of the biggest artists in the streets in the South, and not to mention one of Instagram’s best follows.

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