Kevin Gates Is Just … Crazy, Here’s Why!

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Kevin Gates Loves Eating Groceries

Kevin Gates in concert

Source: Instagram @iamkevingates

Remember when Jhene Aiko boldly sang, “But he got to eat the booty like groceries”?  Well, she openly revealed that Kevin Gates served as the catalyst for that poignant line.

“When I got the song, obviously I’ve known Omarion since even before he was in B2K,” she says. “I loved the song, and of course I said, yes, that I wanted to do it. Just playing with the rhyme scheme. The line of ‘Post To Be’ reminded me of the Kevin Gates Vines where he’s talking about booty. I sat down with Micah Powell, who is a writer I’ve worked with for a long time. I sat down with him, and I was like, ‘Whatever we say, I really want to say something about eating the booty.’ He keeps saying in the Vines—’You ’posed to eat the booty.’” – Jhene Aiko

Kevin Gates Claims He Outsold Rihanna

Premiere Of Twentieth Century Fox And Dreamworks Animation’s “HOME” – Arrivals

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As we mentioned, Kevin Gates’ debut album, Isiah, performed admirably and nailed over 100,000 copies its first week while going against the likes of Rihanna and Adele. In a radio interview, Gates explained how he toppled over Rihanna in terms of sales. “Samsung paid for Rihanna’s CDs and that’s not fair, so you’re really #1,” Kevin says. “This what that lady [at Apple] said.”

Kevin Gates Loves Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift ‘1989’ World Tour – Melbourne

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Gates’ affinity for Taylor Swift runs deep. If you ask him, he’ll be able to name most of her songs off the top of his head. “Taylorswift you are the best thing that’s ever been mine!!!!!”, he once said on Twitter. The love is real, despite him once being an imprisoned gangster.