Kevin Gates Releases “The Movie”

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates just released his new film, “The Movie.” The short film clip presented by BWA and directed by PhillyFlyBoy consists of three chapters and music videos from Kevin Gates including his songs “Perfect Imperfection,” “Plug Daughter” and “John Gotti.” In the first chapter, “Perfect Imperfection,” we get to meet Kevin Gates’ boss who also serves as his plug to everything in the underworld.

In the second clip and music video, “Plug Daughter,” Kevin gates gets tempted by his bosses’ daughter and ends up giving in and breaking some vital street codes when he decides to have an intimate relationship with the young lady. In the third and final chapter “John Gotti,” we see Kevin Gates and his connects go to war in a bloody battle for money, power, and respect. How do you think Kevin Gates performed in his first flick?¬†Watch the full thirteen minute movie clip above!

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