Kid Cudi & Angie Martinez Duke It Out On Twitter

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Over the weekend, Man On The Moon rapper Kid Cudi was in his feelings, as usual, and dug up a video from 2009, where he sat down with, then Hot 97 personality, Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff to discuss his debut album. Like most new artist interviews the personalities discussed his music, inspiration, style and fashion. While on the topic of fashion, Ang mentioned his skinny jeans, which apparently struck a cord with him then, so much that after watching the video years later caused him to lash out on Twitter.

Here’s the video:
[youtube clipid=”HI5gxLnb6S8″ autoplay=”0″]

Not allowing Cudi to bask in his feeling’s Ang responded on Twitter with:

Angie Martinez Twitter


Which subsequently caused Cudi to respond with:

Cudi then used his situation of being “played” on air to inspire artists….

Honestly, everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but man up Cudi! From the looks of the interview it doesn’t look like they were tryna play you and if you felt like they were, suck it up and grow some thicker skin!