Kobe Bryant Says He Would Be A Terrible NBA Executive

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Kobe Bryant Says He Would Be A Terrible Executive

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As much as we may not want to admit it, Kobe Bryant‘s days of playing ball are soon to be over. Surprisingly, unlike most successful ball players, when they retire, it seems like Kobe won’t be extending his career as an NBA Executive.

Recently, during an appearance on The Big Podcast With Shaqhe was asked about the idea of him becoming an NBA executive as he transitions out of the world of Basketball and he very quickly said there’s no chance of it happening. Now, many would assume that it would make sense for him to take on a role like that, but according to Bryant he says in addition to him not being interested:

I would fire somebody in a second. No way. I would cut everybody.

Pretty interesting. Although Kobe has publicly made this statement, we here at HHMW think and foresee that when the day comes for Kobe to actually retire he may sing a different tune about transitioning into an executive.

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