Kobe Bryant Thinks He “Freaking Sucks” This Season

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Credit: Harry How / Getty Images

Kobe Bryant is a ferocious competitor. His beastly mentality didn’t develop overnight. The Bean was born with it. So you can only imagine how disappointed he is in his team’s dismal efforts and his horrific shooting performance.¬†After the Lakers suffered their third consecutive loss on Sunday against the Dallas Mavericks, the acclaimed superstar called himself out.

“I’m the 200th-best player in the league right now,” Bryant said after the Lakers’ 103-93 loss. “I freaking suck.”

If you recall, prior to this season, ESPN ranked Bryant as the 200th best player going in to this year’s NBA campaign. Of course, Bryant scoffed at the rank, but now it appears that he’s slowly accepting his decline. Please make sure to SHARE with your friends.