Legend of Hooks: The Best John Legend Hooks of All-Time

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Rick Ross Featuring John Legend — “Rich Forever”

Rick Ross and John Legend are untouchable when placed on a track together. On “Rich Forever,” John Legend laid another dope hook on this chilly beat for Ross. This is that vintage Ross we all came to adore.

Kanye West Featuring John Legend — “Blame Game”

Kanye poured his guts out after losing Amber Rose and needed a powerful voice to anchor his sinking ship of love. Of course, John saved him and steered Kanye in the right direction.

Rich Boy Featuring John Legend, Nas, & Lil Wayne — “Ghetto Rich (Remix)”

Rich Boy was able to nab several marquee lyricists in Nas and Lil Wayne, and allowed John Legend to shine on the hook. Incredible record.