Let’s Ride! ‘The Fast And The Furious’ Top Franchise Moments

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Furious 7 movie poster

The highly anticipated blockbuster movie of Spring 2015 is almost here! The Furious 7 movie from the super popular Fast and the Furious franchise hits theaters nationwide on April 3rd. Although the beloved star of the franchise, Paul Walker passed away tragically in 2013, the show must go on! Fortunately, before Paul Walker’s passing almost 80 percent of the Furious 7 was filmed. There are talks that there will be three more installments after Furious 7 is released proving that The Fast and the Furious franchise is here to stay! The official movie soundtrack for Furious 7 has also been creating a lot of buzz. The soundtrack features some of today’s top Hip-Hop artists including Wiz Khalifa, Future, T.I., Young Thug, Wale and many more. We’ve included all the latest singles off the Furious 7 official movie soundtrack inside. So get ready for a bumpy ride because Furious 7 is coming!

Click the slideshow button below to see the top moments from the Fast and the Furious movie franchise.

Furious 7 Official Trailer (2015)

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The official movie trailer for the Furious 7 movie.

Furious 7 Second Official Trailer (2015)

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The second official movie trailer for the Furious 7 movie.