Lil Lonnie Murdered in Mississippi

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Source: Instagram @_lillonnie_

On a more somber note, rising rapper Lil Lonnie was killed the other night. The artist was driving his car when he was fatally shot late on the night of April 29th. The shooters were allegedly following him around his hometown of Mississippi when the gunshots were heard coming from Montebello Drive. After being struck, Lonnie Taylor’s car proceeded to crash into the front of a nearby house. Surprisingly the woman in the seat next to him was unharmed. The rapper was pronounced dead on seen.

Lil Lonnie was on the rise ever since his 2015 song Colors came out. His popularity kept growing, especially in the southern states, from the release of his mixtape They Know What’s Goin’ On. The 22 year old had a huge fanbase on social media, which is now being poured with condolences.

In a previous interview Lil Lonnie remarked that he was going to use his first “mega check” to buy his family a house. Trying to stay on track with his blossoming career, he consistently talked about his morals and family values. The rapper was highly engaged with his fans and social media followings through Snapchat and Instagram. He saw his platform as an opportunity to encourage aspiring young artists.

“Keep running… Chase your dreams,” Taylor stated.

Our thoughts go out to Lil Lonnie’s family and close friends.

Source: Instagram @_lillonnie_

Source: Instagram @_lillonnie_