Lil Pump Claims That He and Migos “Run the Culture”

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In a recent Instagram post, Lil Pump claimed that he and Migos “run the culture.” The post was made on Sunday, March 11, via Instagram story. “The Migos and Lil Pump run the culture,” he said, before adding “And if you feel some type of way, suck my d**k!”

This off-the-cuff assertion comes a little over a month after Pump announced his upcoming mixtape through twitter, writing “HARVARD DROPOUT TAPE COMING SOON !” in a post he made late January. With most of Lil Pump’s clout originally coming from social media, his recent claim could very well be an attempt to cause a buzz around his name before he drops his mixtape. Considering the fact that you’re reading this article, it might be working.

"Migos and Lil Pump run the culture." Agree with Lil Pump?

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At this point, the chances of any member of the Migos cosigning Pump’s statement is looking dubious at best. Lil Pump’s statement is a controversial one, and forces the audience to consider two questions: what defines The Culture, and who runs it? Taking into account that Lil Pump is a 17 year old Floridian from a Cuban father and a Mexican mother, some people may argue that Pump is too far removed from the roots of hip-hop to be laying such claims. Aside from race and age, to regard Lil Pump and Migos as the sole entities responsible for running the culture leaves a plethora of other artists and subgenres dismissed and unaccounted for.

Regardless, through his music and viral media, Lil Pump has built a public persona that causes more controversy and fanfare than it does intellectual discourse. So, it’s more than likely that Pump’s latest claims will be written off as an attention grab soon enough. At this point, Pump needs all the attention he can get if he wants to land a $15 million record deal.

Back in late January, Lil Pump let the world know that he wouldn’t sign for anything less than $15 million for his next record deal. Previously, Pump was meant to be signed to Warner Bros. Records, but the deal fell apart when it was recognized that Pump signed while he was still a minor. See the video of that announcement below.

With the clock ticking, Pump needs to bank on his upcoming mixtape to be an absolute hit if he’s going to get any type of crazy record deal; it’s going to be tough to outdo himself in terms of publicity after dropping “Gucci Gang”.

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