Lil Pump Cusses Out Principal

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Lil Pump may be out of high school but looks like he still has some bad blood for his former principal. He took to Instagram to publicly express his feelings in his latest video stating, “F**k my old principal, you dumb ass bitch. Look at me now.” At the young age of 17, Lil Pump has since left high school and putting all focus on his rising music career..

Lil pump stunting on his old principal .

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The rapper started getting recognized for his talent when he was 16. Wiz Khalifa is one of many credible artists that have been vibing to his hit “Esskeetit”.

Lil Pump has been living the ultimate dream, drenching himself in diamond encrusted jewelry and purchasing new vehicles. He reportedly racked up a bill of 300k on necklaces and bracelets just a few weeks ago. In the video calling out his principle he has no problem flexing off his adornments.

Source: Instagram @lilpump

In theory it is probably best not to follow the actions of the adolescent rapper if you are still in school. Wait till you are out to call out. As of right now things seem to be on the rise for him and has no intention of going back to school for higher education any time soon. Gazzy Garcia has confirmed the “Harvard Dropout” mixtape is complete and spotted in the studio with Tee Grizzley. It is still unknown if he actually went to Havard, following his claim on Twitter.

Source: Instagram @lilpump

Source: Instagram @lilpump