Lil Pump Gets Braces Removed

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Credit: Warner Bros. Records

Lil Pump is a new man. The 17-year-old rapper finally got his braces taken off the other day. Revealing the news on Instagram he stated, “After six years they took my braces off… Yes sir, ESKEETIT.” Six years is a long time coming and you can definitely feel his excitement as he shows off his new pearly whites.

In the Instagram video, he shares how weird it feels to not have them on anymore. The average person has braces on for 2-3 years. The artist, best known for his song, “Gucci Gang,” has only been identified in the music industry while having the braces on. His fans are flowing in with comments of support and shock to see Lil Pump without his mouth gear.

This follows just a few days after seen with Gucci Mane shooting a music video. That most likely will be the last documented work with the braces on. Yet, that doesn’t mean something won’t take the place of that mouth metal.

Lil Pump hit up a jewelry store shortly after to get measured for an expensive grill. Though we can’t confirm the size and style, it most likely won’t be small.

Source: Instagram @lilpump