Lil Wayne Throws Threats at Fans

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Tunechi has had it!

Lil Wayne stirred up a mess at the Cannabis Cup in Sacramento the other night. Trying to keep the focus on his music, he became increasingly angry when concert-goers started throwing objects up on stage. The rapper blew up at the crowd, “My New Orleans shooters will use guns if things continue to get tossed.”

Credit: Getty Images

This is not the first time the artist has threatened the audience for tossing things at him. Last year her slapped back the sam gun related threat “I don’t know who to shoot at” after a drink landed on the stage. In both incidences he cut his set short and a form of punishment towards the crowd.

Most of the time when people throw things on stage its out of pure fandom for the artist. Things like hand written notes of gratitude or gifts are thrown as a chance to show affection towards the star. Lil Wayne does not seem to convey mutual appreciation when he’s on stage.

Safe to say you may very well be risking your life to get a note to him.

Credit: Neiman Marcus