Lil Yachty Confronts Charlamagne Tha God on the Breakfast Club

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Lil Yachty attends Capitol Records 75th Anniversary Gala at Capitol Records Tower on November 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California

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After recently releasing his second studio album Lil Boat 2, Lil Yachty visited Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club for an interview. From the beginning of the interview, Yachty seems to be in a bit of a funk. Upon introduction, there was no smiling on Yachty’s part The hosts of the show seem to pick up on his vibe, asking him if he had had a rough night before.

As the interview goes on, Lil Yachty seems to warm up a little, but still remains somewhat aloof. Towards the end of the interview, the tension begins to peak when Charlemagne asks Yachty if he finds doing radio interviews draining. Yachty responds by saying “not necessarily,” but adds that he’s “been through a lot” on radio. Charlemagne chimes in, saying “we’ve always shown you love here”, to which Lil Yachty pauses.

When Charlemagne starts to defend himself, Yachty refers to a video that featured him and Joe Budden, titled “This Year Was Dope/Trash 2017”. In the video, Joe and Charlemagne discuss various top five lists, one of which being “Top Five Trash Artists”. Joe’s first choice for this list turns out to be Lil Yachty. Charlemagne would go on to defend Yachty, making the argument that Yachty may have trouble appealing to older audiences due to a generational gap. He would also state that he personally doesn’t include Yachty on this particular list, and says “I want Yachty to keep doing his thing.”

While on the same subject, Lil Yachty’s previous interview at the Breakfast Club is brought up. In the previous interview, Charlemagne refers to Lil Yachty as “the poster child for wack rappers,” citing Trinidad James as the last artist to hold that title. Charlemagne claimed that he was referring to the public perception of Yachty rather than his personal opinion, but it didn’t seem like Yachty was buying it. “That blew me, bro,” Yachty says. “Do you know people bring that up all the time? ‘Charlemagne said…’”

At a later point in the interview, Charlemagne brings up the “Dope/Trash” video again and asks Yachty if he saw him defending him on the show, but Yachty says no. Even though Charlemagne pretty clearly defends Yachty against Budden’s criticism in the video, Yachty tells Charlemagne “I seen y’all sitting next to each other. If I see one snake, I see two… Snakes and dogs don’t hang out together.”

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Charlemagne went on to say that he’s a fan of what Yachty is doing in the game, and asks the rapper, “tell me when you ever seen me say you was wack.” Yachty says he hasn’t heard it, but insinuates that he wouldn’t be surprised if he had dissed him off the record.

While Lil Yachty maintained a vaguely defensive tone throughout the interview, the tension never quite turned into aggression. If compared with Yachty’s previous Breakfast Club interview, it seems as though Charlemagne has backtracked to a certain degree on his willingness to criticize Yachty. Regardless, Yachty states in his recent interview that he doesn’t let criticism get to him. With a new album out now, Yachty has a lot to be happy about.