Lisa Ann Takes Kanye West Down Over D**k Pics

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Kanye West has been the center of almost every headline this week after he went on a long Twitter rant attacking Wiz Khalifa, who criticized his new album title. Following the lengthy tirade, his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, who is the ex-wife of Wiz, chimed in, exposing some of Yeezy’s sexual preferences in the bedroom. Since then, porn star Lisa Ann also shared her own experiences with Kanye, and made some pretty crazy allegations.

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Check out Lisa Ann had to say about Kanye on the following pages.

Lisa Ann speaks out

Kanye West part owner in fat burger

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Lisa wrote on her social media, “This recent Kanye implosion is just the worst.. He talks down on strippers yet married the #1 OG Porn Star made Famous by @RayJ SMH. For Kanye to bring up @DaRealAmberRose & @wizkhalifa child after a professional topic was addressed by WIZ- the lamest of all lame Kanye.”

Lisa Ann defends Amber

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She continued, Kanye says “You let a Stripper Trap you” I’m sorry, are strippers a new race we don’t know about Kanye? You chased them all, me included. I will spend the night organizing old emails from kanye, including the amazing cock shots he sent unwarranted. all strippers rejoice! LOL. Look, I only said I would be organizing the pics. Read carefully, I never said I would share them LOL.. It is just a way to laugh.. LOL.”