Love and Hip Hop/Entourage Star Saigon & Sid from the Legendary Rock Group Slipknot Invade Brooklyn

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On June 26th at SRB’s in Brooklyn NYC, a legendary concert will be taking place.

Sid Wilson of Slipknot and actor/rapper Saigon will be putting on a show like you have never seen before. For the first time a legendary rock DJ alongside an underground hip hop legend will share the same stage. Sid Wilson who put out a rap CD in 2011 will more than likely be dropping some rhymes as well.

Wilson, the youngest member of Slipknot, normally handles the turntables when he’s playing live, but on Slipknot albums he has been known to lay his fingers on some piano or keyboards on occasion. ‘Sid’ expands that virtuosity greatly, as he sings, lays down beats and maybe even plucks a guitar or two. But the main focus of the album is his rapping, letting Slipknot fans finally know that the man behind the decks can also drop a smooth rhyme.

Saigon will be performing some unreleased material from his upcoming album Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 3 – The Troubled Times Of Brain Carenard as well as some of his classic underground gems.

You don’t wanna miss this!

Tickets available HERE