Love & Ratchet: The Most Ratchet Moments On Love & Hip Hop

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Love & Hip Hop is purely for the ratchet. If you love hood drama, bodacious women, and a lot of fights, then all you have to do is tune in Monday nights to watch everything unfold. In case you don’t have that time, here some unforgettable moments for you to watch and in some cases, relive.

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Here are the Most Ratchet Moments on Love & Hip Hop

Stevie J Tries To Sign Joseline Hernandez & Mimi To LPG

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Source: VH1

This was extremely ratchet because in his delusional mind, Stevie J thought that he can propose to Joseline, but also have his baby mama Mimi in the same roof so they can be part of his ultimate scheme. LPG for life!

Jim Jones Violates Somaya Reece’s Manager

Never disrespect another man’s woman, especially Jim Jones’. Somaya Reece’s old manager Maurice got schooled to the 100th power. Sheesh!