Love & Ratchet: The Most Ratchet Moments On Love & Hip Hop

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Kimbella Vs. Erica Mena

Kimbella already tried her lucky with Emily B in seasons prior. Erica Mena made a huge splash when she decided to pounce on Kimbella and lay the smackdown on her.

Chrissy Vs. Kimbella

As we previously mentioned, Kimbella got destroyed during her fight with Chrissy. Here’s visual proof it. As you can see, Chrissy learned from her man Jimmy on how to get busy.

Lil Scrappy Vs. Stevie J

It was so confusing as to why Stevie J and Lil Scrappy threw hands. For one, they originally had no beef. It was simply between their ladies. Oh well, it made for good TV.