Ludacris’ SXSW Hospitality Rider Is Massive AF

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Just two days after festivities began at South by Southwest, the Twitter account @atxconcert leaked what seems to be a copy of Ludacris’ hospitality rider. For those that don’t know, a hospitality rider is a set of requests made by a performer that usually includes items like food and beverages, but is by no means limited to just refreshments, as you’ll see on Luda’s rider.

The rider begins with a request of one dozen white towels, with a note that says “Must be clean; NO OLD TOWELS.” The next section includes a list of dishes for a dinner intended to serve at least 10 people. Those items include: Seasoned grilled chicken breast, wheat pasta, steamed brown rice, steamed mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, two fresh fruit trays, a bowl of fresh salad, and two platters of wings. The rider notes that the purchaser has the option to buy out each dinner guest instead, but it doesn’t make it clear what that price is (is it forty or $50?!).

The next section, titled “LUDACRIS ROOM”, includes the rest of the items on the rider:

1 loaf of Bread (whole grain with the most amount of grains)
Organic Peanut Butter (Creamy only)
Organic Jelly (Strawberry or Grape only)
Candies (Assorted i.e.: Snickers, m & m’s, jolly ranchers, etc)
1 box Green Tea (Tazo) w/ condiments i.e.: lemon, organic honey, sugar
Nag Champa Incense
Box of Fruit Roll Ups
Mint Listerine
6 Hanes Large White T-Shirts
1 iPhone 6 Charger
1 Crest Spin Rechargable Toothbrush
1 Bottle Crest Toothpaste
2 large bags of chips (plain and bbq)
1 fresh unsalted almonds
1 fresh unsalted trail mix
4 greek strained yogurts (mixed flavors)
1 case low sodium V8 juices
2 Jo Malone candles (Gardinia scent)
1 bottle of Eucerin lotion (original dry skin therapy)
1 Can of Almonds
2 Bars of Dove Soap
5 Wash Cloths (Wamsutta/Bed Bath & Beyond)
5 Drying Towels (Wamsutta)
2 Bottles of Stoli Elite Vodka
2 Bottles of Hennessy Priviledge
1 Bottle Don Julio 1942
1 Bottle of Hendricks Gin
2 Packs of AA Batteries
2 Packs of AAA Batteries
1 Lighter
1 Bottle of Red Wine (Francis Coppola Merlot or Cabernet)
1 Bottle of White Wine (Santa Margharita Pino Grigio or Savignon Blanc)
1 Wine Opener
1 Gallon of Tropicana Orange Juice
1 Gallon of Cranberry Juice
2 Cases of chilled FIJI water (500 Mililiters)
1 Case of Nico Coconut water
2 Cases of Snapple (Raspberry, Kiwi, Strawberry, Grapeade (Assorted)
2 Cases of Lemon Lime Gatorade
12 Assorted Minute Maid Box Juices
1 Hair Brush (with bristles, African American)
1 Small Secret Deodorant
1 Iron & Ironing Board

While this list may seem long and extravagant to some, other big names have had notoriously grandiose riders. A rider for Lil Wayne once requested a “7 or 8 passenger chartered Lear JET set up for round trip travel”, along with an extensive security detail that includes (but not limited to) 24/7 accompaniment by four armed security personnel.

Although Luda’s exhaustive rider seems to have everything one could need before a set, fans have noticed that Ludacris’ dinner doesn’t include any pasta sauce for his pasta… Hopefully the chicken leaves everyone satisfied.