Mac Miller Calls Out White People

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Hip hop has tried to be very vocal about the #blacklivesmatter movement over the past year or so, but now, Mac Miller is working to take things to the next level. While artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Macklemore have tried to bring a lot of racial injustices to light that are part of the movement, Mac Miller is now turning the focus to white people who listen to rap. He recently tweeted, “Dear white people who listen to rap music…what have you done for the Black Lives Matter movement?”

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What Mac’s message was

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In his statement, Mac was asking white rap listeners whether they do anything to push forward the movement, and if they even support it. He continued to tweet, “Racism describes a system built to keep a race or ethnicity away from success and evolution. We are all not the same. We are all different, different cultures, and all of them beautiful. The whole ‘everybody is the same’ is weak.” He finally stated, “Music is something brining people together for sure. But just because we listen to rap music doesn’t mean we get it.”

Why the question is important

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While there have been white listeners that could have potentially been part of the Black Lives Matter protests and marches, they have not unified in the name of hip hop to necessarily do so. When the rap community looks to the white demographic, a lot of times, it’s the same fans who have no problem screaming out the n-word in black artists’ lyrics at concerts. So if Lil Wayne fans are screaming out the n-word without any care, how can we expect them to sympathize with the Black Lives Matter movement and message?