MAN DOWN: Man Dies After Drinking 56 Shots In One Night

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A french bar owner is on trial for manslaughter for letting a 56 year old man indulge in 56 shots, which later killed him. In an attempt to break the record held by the previous owner Renaud (the middle age man) set out to beat it. At first he downed 30 shots in one minute and slowly drank the other 24. The next day he later went into cardiac arrest and died in the hospital. Witnesses say that Renaud had already downed 14 shots of hard liquor before he decided he wanted to try and beat the record. However, Renaud’s daughter- who was also there, notes that the landlord of the bar told Renaud, “and 12 to go” at one point, which apparently encouraged him to continue. The daughter’s lawyer tells the Local that this is “a case of inciting someone to consume. That’s an extremely serious mistake for a bar owner.” The owner denies the allegations and instead says that he told the man he should “stop his quest to break the record.”

HMMM….something seems a lil’ fishy here. Do you think the bar owner should be charged with manslaughter?