Marijuana Drone Delivery Service

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It seems like stories of drones and marijuana are more and more becoming a thing in the news lately. First we told you about the two dudes in the hood that used drones to make dropoffs and, most recently, we told you about the drone that dropped off small amounts of heroin, tobacco, and weed to a prison yard in Cleveland.

Now, a new startup in San Francisco, Trees Delivery will allow for your weed packages to be delivered straight to your doorstep via a drone. As of right now, the company only makes deliverys in San Francisco, offering medical prescribers three different types of pot boxes that people can order via text, their app or on the brand’s website. Prices for the drone delivered weed range in price from $99 while two other options are available for $149 each.

Hopefully the service will make its way outside of San Francisco and to a city near you. In the meantime, check out the video below and SHARE the story to see what others have to say.

[youtube clipid=”o29d4qW1W00″ autoplay=”0″]