Maryland Woman Dies In Queens Basement After Butt Lift Goes Wrong

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This past weekend, a 34-year old Maryland woman by the name of Kelly Mayhew traveled from Maryland to New York, Far Rockaway, Queens to be exact, for a black market butt lift. Sadly, following the procedure, she passed away.

Mayhew’s mother tells police she started gurgling and began struggling to breath after the bogus doctor injected silicone into her. Frantic, her mom started to perform CPR on her daughter and demanded the “doctor” call 911. Instead, the bullsh*t doctor grabbed her keys, ran out the house, and sped away in a gray SUV. Detectives are still on the hunt for the unidentified suspect.

Such a sad story as we at HHMW send our condolences over to the Mayhew family and hope that this serves as a lesson to females out there wanting to enhance their bodies illegally.