Max B, Kanye West, And The History Of The Wave

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Kanye West came under some serious fire this past week after he revealed that he was changing his album title name to Waves from the original title SWISH. The super producer caught a lot of flack from some in the hip hop community, as well as Wiz Khalifa, as they believed that he was not paying proper homage to Max B, who they have deemed as the originator of the wave. Even his nickname is The Wavy One, for crying out loud. While Max B is locked up, he was able to respond with praise to Yeezy for his album name, as Kanye eventually did show his respects to Max and the “wave” movement. At this time, it’s probably better for us to take a look back on the history of the Wavy movement, just so everyone can understand why hip hop was in a frenzy over the album title.

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Max B’s wavy movement

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Max B created his wavy movement just by being one of the most notable solo artists to stem from the Diplomats era. Joining Jim Jones’ Byrd Gang, the rapper called everything about his style and swagger “wavy,” which described all of his features from his hair, his flow, to his fashion. While he was working on records for the likes of Jones, Juelz, and many other New York rappers, he was able to make a sound that fit in with the likes of Atlanta and Miami lovers, as it was on the rise in the earlier 2000’s. He even played a huge role in the rise of French Montana during his earlier years, which can all be thanks to the wave.

Max B’s response to Kanye

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Kanye is definitely rubbing a lot of hip hop fans the wrong way with this album title, as they were convinced that he did it as a way to bite off Max B’s wavy movement without paying proper homage. The rapper took to his Twitter to give his respect to the Harlem native, but it still doesn’t define whether or not the wavy movement will be incorporated into Yeezy’s album sound, style, and carryout. Fortunately, Max B thought the album title was a great idea, and loves that Kanye is pushing the movement forward even more, despite whether or not his fans are knowledgable about the wavy movement created by him.