Hide Your Lunch: McDonald’s Brings Back The Hamburglar

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Back in the day, McDonald’s had 4 main mascots, Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Birdie The Early Bird and The Hamburglar, but after a while it seem like they just disappeared, with the exception of creepy Ronald McDonald, up until recently. After being in “retirement”, McDonald’s brought back the Hamburglar in promotion of their Sirloin Third Pound Burgers, but revamped him in a weird, creepy pro-westler/wanna be sex symbol kinda way. Not sure, if there are plans of revamping and bringing back the others, as McDonald’s releases new product lines- but the Hamburglar’s new look has the internet a buzz.

Last year Ronald underwent a makeover, but not as extreme. This is what the hamburglar use to look like…

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What do you think about the Hamburglar’s new look?