Meek Mill and Joe Budden Exchange Shots on Twitter

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While everyone was enjoying cookouts and family time over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, Meek Mill and Joe Budden were exchanging shots on Twitter. The beef apparently started when Joe Budden went on his podcast and criticized Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s current relationship. Joe Budden claimed that Meek Mill is not known to be soft and that he puts on a hardcore image in his music so he shouldn’t be posing like he is a romantic guy whe he gets around his babe Nicki Minaj.

Meek Mill had a huge problem with Joe Budden by criticizing his relationship and sounded off on the New Jersey rapper on Twitter calling him a “noodle” and an “old man.” He also called on Nicki Minaj’s fans who are known as “Barbz” and ordered them to get Joe Budden! Nicki Minaj later chimed in and said that Joe Budden needs to stick to his podcast. What do you think about Joe Budden’s statements? Read the tweets that started the Twitter beef below.

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