Miller Lite Wants To Give You $200,000

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Yesterday during our classic hip hop ads story, we brought you FUBU, the urban brand created in the late 80s by Daymond John and we highlighted both its success and the subsequent effect it had on hip hop culture and, today, we’re back shedding light on how the former urban wear CEO and current “Shark Tank” investor wants to put $$$ into your pockets.

Together Daymond and beer brand Miller Lite have teamed up to celebrate people chasing their dreams in a new campaign/contest dubbed as “Miller Lite Tap The Future”. The competition is to let entrepreneurs pitch to Daymond a business plan for a chance to earn more than $200K to fund their business.

Wow! $200K is a lot to invest in a new business, especially if your credit or finances aren’t intact. Shouts to Daymond for always serving as a voice to entrepreneurs and always giving back.

Find out how to enter the contest here and be sure to SHARE with your friends to see how you all can co-op on legit business plan together.