Missing The Mark: When Brands Underestimate Hip Hop

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Despite their sometimes lackluster inclusion at mainstream events, hip hop is arguably one of the most influential genres and cultures in the world. Even though mainstream may not want to always admit it, a lot of pop music and outside genres are very influenced by hip hop culture, or the artists who are setting the trends within it. Recently, Beyonce dropped a hip hop-infused track called “Formation,” and she showed a lot of love to Red Lobster with her now infamous lyric. What happened next with the brand itself was pretty much labeled as a fail by the Internet.

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Red Lobster’s fail

When Beyonce shouted out the restaurant chain on “Formation,” the company had every opportunity to benefit off of it for their social platform, but after waiting a full 2 days after it dropped, they gave a lazy tweet. Rather than nicknamed their biscuits after Beyonce, they could have incorporated the lyric into their Valentine’s Day special. There was a lot of opportunity to gain popularity and grow their audience, but they came up very short. It’s proof that Red Lobster is not very in touch with their audience, or the hip hop audience.

A history of brands failing hip hop

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This isn’t the first time that a brand has been lackluster in their attempts to connect with hip hop. Years ago, Alicia Keys had a creative deal with Blackberry, and while she tweeted out about how much she loved her Blackberry, it was soon discovered that she had done so from her very own iPhone. Lamborghini also missed the mark, as Kanye crafted a whole song with G.O.O.D. Music praising their Murcielago vehicle. The company could have easily used their social platform to tweet out “swerve” to grow their audience, as the cars as not easily affordable by most of us.