Missy Elliott and Janelle Monáe Hint at Music Video Collaboration

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Missy Elliot is looking to make her way to the director’s chair, and may be enlisting Janelle Monáe to make it happen. Missy Elliot has had a long and prolific career, releasing her first of six studio albums in 1997, and having an extensive body of work since then.

Along with a long list of features and singles, Missy has made a number of appearances in shows and movies, such as Pootie Tang, Family Matters, and America’s Best Dance Crew. She’s also has an extensive list of credits for writing and producing music for other artists in the industry. Now, Missy is looking to pivot to the role of director, according to one of her recent tweets:

After the tweet was posted on April 2, it only took about two hours for her to get a reply. The response was made by Janelle Monáe, a funk and R&B singer who’s also been involved in acting, production, songwriting, and modeling.

Janelle and Missy have worked together in the past on the “This Is For My Girls” track, commissioned by Michelle Obama two years ago as part of her #62MillionGirls campaign, which was an initiative created in support of girls’ education worldwide. Upon Janelle’s response, Missy enthusiastically tweeted back, praising the music videos Monáe has already released and showing total support for the potential collaboration.

The Twitter exchange between Elliot and Monáe caught the attention of actress Tessa Thompson, who chimed into the conversation. Thompson has been in movies such as Creed, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Infinity War, and held roles in television shows as well. Thompson playfully suggested that she cater the music video shoot and be an extra in the video, and Janelle was with it.

With all of these tweets published within the course of one day, Missy and Janelle have built considerable hype around the potential productions to come. With everyone expressing excitement about the possibility, it wouldn’t be surprising if these ideas came to fruition. Stay posted for more updates on any upcoming projects!