Muslims Join Forces With Christians

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muslim helps christian churches


Following the tragic shooting of 9 people in Charleston, SC and the burning down of churches in the south, one religious group has surprisingly stepped up to help. Reports are confirming that three muslim non-profits have stepped in to help raise money and rebuild the churches.

The Arab-American Association of New York, Muslim ARC and Ummah Wide have all launched an online campaign, Respond With Love, on July 2nd and, as of now, they have exceeded their goal of $20,000. Considering how much they’ve raised in such a short amount of time, the groups are aiming for $30,000 now and are currently just a few thousand away from meeting their new goal.

Here is a classic story of people helping people and putting aside their differences, religion in this case, and helping one another for the sake of humanity. Now, if only others around the world would do the same, the world would be a better place!

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