N-Word Burned Into Florida Family’s Lawn

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N Word Burned Into Florida Family’s Lawn

Source: Twitter @BET

Sadly, when it comes to race, racism and prejudice it seems like America is in a complete rut. Whether if its fraternities and celebrities like Hulk Hogan using the word to a group of African American women being kicked off a train for laughing to loud, social injustice is at an all time high.

Recently, a man by the name of Courtney Gordon from Palm Bay, Florida woke up to find the N-word burned into his front lawn in large 3-foot letters. It’s believed that the perpetrators of this hate crime (identities are unknown), Gordon has a hunch as to who may have did it. Although super furious and upset, because he feels like it’s a threat to him and his family Gordon says he’ll leave them to God.

Crazy right? In light of these recent events, it is amazing that we still live in a crazy and injustice world. How do you feel about this? What are your reactions?

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