Nick Cannon Thinks He Can Destroy This Rap God In A Battle

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We know what some of you guys are thinking. This. Has. To. Be. A. Joke? Well, it’s actually not. Actor and TV Host Nick Cannon is feeling extra confident these days. Recently, he decided to showcase his new-found swagger by coming after arguably one of the greatest emcees to ever touch the game. Call it crazy. Call it confident. This guy Nick Cannon is ready for a challenge.

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See Which Rapper Nick Cannon Thinks He Can Destroy In A Battle

Nick Cannon Wants To Battle Eminem

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During an interview with British DJ Tim Westwood, Nick Cannon revealed his intentions to battle the best of the best in hopes of showing his new-found lyricism. Cannon has been feverishly awaiting a chance to duke it out with Eminem since their heated exchange in the 2000s, when Em took shots at the Nickelodeon star and his wife, Mariah Carey, on “The Warning.” When grilled by Westwood, Cannon responded by saying: “I’m still ready! I’m trying to find him. Where is he?”

Cannon Is Willing To Drop $100,000

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This isn’t the first time Cannon has issued a challenge to one of hip hop’s finest. “I done reached out to Tyga. He didn’t want it,” said Cannon. “I went to all Slaughterhouse. I did it like Mortal Kombat, I said I’ll take all of them out to get to the boss.” None of the aforementioned artists responded to Cannon and his challenge.