Nintendo Celebrates Super Mario Bros 30th Anniversary

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Believe it or not, beloved brothers Mario & Luigi celebrate their 30th anniversary as video game characters. Yup! Thats right, the plumbing brothers were first introduced to the world of video gaming, way back in 1985 and to celebrate the milestone, Nintendo has created a special anniversary microsite. The microsite opens up with a warm message from Nintendo saying, “Thanks to all the love and support from fans, Mario has been in many more games since that release, we’re making big plans to show our appreciation and celebrate the 30th anniversary. Stay tuned to the site for information and announcements.” The site includes a visual history of the Super Mario Bros. Mario Maker and a special movie that was released last year.

We’re sure our readers over 35 will definitely appreciate this. We’re also sure  you’ll see more of Mario, Luigi and associated characters this year, with a probable announcement slated for the upcoming Nintendo E3