No Jumper Podcast Host Adam22 Accused of Sexual Assault

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Some very serious allegations have been made against Adam Grandmaison, popularly known as adam22. Grandmaison is known for founding and hosting the popular No Jumper podcast, which features interviews with emerging artists in the hip-hop industry. The show has given substantial publicity to artists such as 6ix9ine, XXXTentacion, and $uicideboy$.

In late March, two alleged victims got in touch with Pitchfork and accused adam22 of sexual assault. The individuals wished to remain anonymous, going by the pseudonyms of “Jane” and “D”.

Jane says that she met Grandmaison in 2005 through an online message board. After making plans to meet up in Manhattan, Jane ended up agreeing to go back to Adam’s apartment in Queens, where the alleged assault occurred. Here are here own words, according to Pitchfork:

“At first I was OK with it, but quickly became uncomfortable as it went further than I wanted to go… I told him I wasn’t into it, but he didn’t stop and became pretty angry. Meanwhile, I’m not a big girl, I’m 5’4″ and Adam is well over 6’0″ and a pretty big guy. I was terrified and froze while he had sex with my basically lifeless body. I was too afraid to fight back in fear that he would hurt me, so I just laid there in terror. I just remember staring out the window and praying it would be over soon… Eventually, he stopped. I changed and immediately left. I remember waiting in the subway, sobbing. Thinking I should have fought back, I should’ve gotten out of there. I felt guilty, violated, and scared.”

After the incident, Jane says that she told someone who thought she trusted about what happened, who then told Adam what she had said. Grandmaison allegedly proceeded to defame his accuser on the message board that they were both a part of, framing her as a liar.

In December 2009, Grandmaison wrote a blog post titled “Time a Girl Accused Me of Rape”, which Pitchfork viewed through He reportedly shared pictures of the girl and included her first name in the post, in which he described their sexual encounter in graphic detail. He maintained that the interaction was consensual, but noted that
“she didn’t seem like she was really enjoying it all that much.” After writing that, he added, “How much a woman enjoys sexual activity is usually not highly correlated to how much fun I’m having though, so I didn’t give it much thought.” He ends his post by saying that being falsely accused of rape was an overall positive experience for him, signing off with the words “Viva la fake rape.”

The second accuser, D, claims that she met adam22 over the same message board in 2006. At the time, D was 16, making Grandmaison roughly the age of 23 at the time. They stopped talking once Grandmaison started seeing someone else. They wouldn’t actually meet in person until three years later, when D had just gotten out of a relationship and heard from Grandmaison again.

Brooklyn, 2010

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That year, he ended up visiting her in Vancouver, where she was living at her mother’s house. After having having dinner at the airport, they went back to the house and watched “The Office”. D told Pitchfork that she had wanted to kiss him that night, but didn’t want to have sex, but Grandmaison allegedly still made his advances.

“I was like, ‘No, just stop,’… I was pushing him off me and my hands were pushing him, really just, barricading my vagina with my hands. Like, ‘No, don’t go there, don’t put your fingers in there, don’t go anywhere there, I don’t want that.’ And then he’s 6’4″ and I’m like 5’3″. I was like 120 pounds if that. He easily had 100 pounds on me. When someone is that big and they have the ability to grab both your wrists with their one hand and pull your arms over your head, you can’t do anything,” D said. “And if you try, it’ll just get worse and more painful. What are you supposed to do?”

After the incident, Grandmaison requested that she keep what happened between them a secret, noting that he was still “getting a lot of heat” from his association with Jane. Although she still visited Adam in New York in August 2009, she says the decision was based out of fear. By the fall, the relationship had ended. In January of 2010, Grandmaison allegedly wrote a series of blog posts which included her full name and over a dozen photographs of D, many of them in which she is semi-nude and between the ages of 14 and 17.

Aside from what Pitchfork has picked up, there is a Twitter account that has posted numerous screenshots of alleged victims sexually assaulted by adam22. The account, @ConorTripler, shows screenshots of disquieting blog posts by Grandmaison where he seemingly admits to assaulting women, among other actions. Other posts include DMs of other people either divulging information about a friend being sexually assaulted by Grandmaison, or themselves.

Adam22 has denied the accusations via his own Twitter. See his post below.