No Pork On My Fork: School Serves Kid’s 6 Year Old Pork

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Traditionally known for it’s BBQ and brinded meats, school cafeterias in Tennessee have been found serving kids six year old pork! It’s been reported that students in the Hawkins county district of Tennessee where served with pork that had been frozen between 2009 and 2011. School district officials learned about the old meat after being alerted by a Hawkins County, Tennessee commissioner who is also a parent. He received a photo of the six-year-old pork through a text message sent by a concerned cafeteria worker at a primary School. So far, no sickness caused by eating the pork have been reported. Read the full story here.

We here at HHMY know that a lot of people within hip-hop don’t f*ck with swine, whether for religious or personal reasons, but if you do eat pork, we’re curious to know your thoughts on this. As a parent what would you have done if you learned your kid was eating six year old meat!?