NYC Barbers Get African American Boys To Read

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A former teacher Alvin Irby is helping young African American boys read one book at a time through a very unusual, but commendable method. His method which incorporates turning heads and turning pages, through his non-profit, Barbershop Books, which aims to close the reading achievement gap amongst black boys compared to whites.

Irby says one of the main challenges he sees as a former educator that a lot of young black boys don’t identify as readers and credits it because of limited access. The way the system works is that each participating barbershop has a list of carefully choosing books that targets kids between the ages of 4-8. Irby also says it creates an opportunity for modeling to happen, because a young boy will see another young boy reading and will spark something in him to want to read too.

As of right now the initiative is still small and growing, but it’s off to a great start.

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