Offset Forced to Take DNA Test

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Source: Instagram @offsetyrn

Offset cannot run from his past drama with Celina Powell.

She has confronted the Migos member demanding a DNA test to find out for sure if he is in fact the father of her baby daughter. After previous threats of a DNA test to prove the actual father, the 22 year old baby momma has gotten a court order to speed along the process. Offset has publically bantered back and forth with Powell, denying all her claims.

Her story depicts the two initially meeting in an unusual way. Powell claims to have pretended to be a promoter for the Colorado venue where Migos was set to perform last year. She was able to get details on their location from a phone call with Danny, the Migos manager. Powell has taken to Twitter to share her pregnancy claims with the world. Offset’s longtime girlfriend Cardi B warns Offset in her song “Be Careful” after the alleged cheating scandal surfaced. She has also recently announced her pregnancy with Offset.

Source: Instagram @offsetyrn

With Offset forced to take the DNA test, they should know the results this coming week. The young mother is in hopes of child support if the facts swing in her favor. Powell has shaken up Offset’s personal life and seems to be capable of close to anything based on her previous accusations. More info to come in the coming week on the events.

Source: Instagram @offsetyrn