OG Maco Take Shots at Travis $cott on Twitter

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OG Maco recently took shots at Travis $cott on Twitter for being a non-Atlanta native and enlisting a bunch of Atlanta rappers on his new song “3500.” OG Maco, an Atlanta native himself, feels that Travis $cott is not showing his true creative skills by getting well-known hip hop artists to be featured on his songs. OG Maco went on a Twitter rant and let the world know just how he felt about Travis $cott using Atlanta as a support system for his own come up.

After posting his tweets, several fans responded to OG Maco accusing him of being a hater. OG Maco immediately replied to the tweets saying that his fans were too scared to say what they feel. What do you think about OG Maco’s comments? Do you feel that Travis $cott is just using the Atlanta heavyweights that he had featured on his song “3500” to get more fame? Read all of OG Maco’s tweets below. 

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