Petty Wap: Blac Chyna’s Pettiest Moments

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Listen, there’s an art to being a petty. You have to be a strategic warrior in knowing your opponents vulnerability. Only a few have tactfully demolished their prey with this kind of mindset. You can now add Blac Chyna onto that list. Now, Chyna has pulled many tricks back in her day, but this one regarding dating Rob Kardashian, the brother of her rival, Kylie Jenner, takes the cake. Watch and learn from the petty one, Blac Chyna.

Future Blac Chyna

Source: Twitter @Djyasminyoung

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Blac Chyna Takes Kylie Jenner Challenege To Next Level

Screenshot 2016-01-27 14.19.30

Source: Twitter @blacchyna

Kylie Jenner couldn’t tame Blac Chyna on this night. With a horde of girls taking the Kylie Jenner Challenge showing off their lips, Blac decided to go the extra mile in dissing the Young Jenner.

She Tagged Tyga’s Enemy Drake In A Seductive Photo Of Her

Blac Chyna

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This woman can indeed be heartless, even to the father of her child.