Pharrell Gave Tyler, the Creator an Awesome Motivational Speech

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Maybe this is why Tyler, the Creator surprised a comedian who dubbed this rapper his idol. After crying watching N.E.R.D. unite, Pharrell offered the Odd Future rapper an awesome motivational speech.

“For me, to have these moments…the stories you used to tell me about listening to our albums, and then to see you have a show and we’re out there performing and it’s your show: that means more to me than it does to you,” P said. “I would have died to have that with Q-Tip. Died. But we never did that, and you’re a different generation. I love that this generation has its anchor—that’s Odd Future. We’ve got a lot of help now, it’s not just us. As long as you stay where you are and stay loyal to your beliefs, and secondly your curiosity, no one can touch you.”