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VH-1’s Love & Hip Hop Star/ Entourage Cast Member and Celebrated Rapper Saigon Set To Launch New Record Label, Squid Ink Squad

New Record Label Will Leverage Power of Digital Media to Source and Distribute Emerging Artists

First Projects of New Label Include Saigon’s Latest Album and New Website:

New York, NY- April 15, 2014 – Hip hop artist, Saigon has announced the impending launch of a brand new record label focused on tearing down the walls that serve as hurdles to the discovery and distribution of new talent. Squid Ink Squad (S.I.S.) will leverage the evolving world of digital media and its natural synergies with content creation, discovery and sharing. By keeping the music close to the audience, Saigon hopes SIS will create a new template in the music industry.

The label will officially launch its first music project with the release of Saigon’s “Sinner’s Prayer” on April 21, 2014. The record is the first single off of the artist’s forthcoming CD, The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard, dropping summer 2014, and will be supported by a video featuring acclaimed actor Omar Epps (House, ER, Juice, and Major League 2) alongside former Jive Records recording artist, Papoose.

S.I.S. has already launched its first digital project, a website designed to encompass the openness that will be the lifeblood of the label. Though still in early stages of its full development, the site already allows emerging artists and producers to upload content and find each other, while allowing visitors to discover and share new voices in Hip Hop.

Perhaps the most defining aspect of the new label is its relationship with global digital media company, CPXi ( The company has taken an equity stake in the label and plans on devoting significant expertise and resources to the project through its project development division, CPXi CEO, Mike Seiman explains, “Our involvement in Squid Inc. Squad is a natural extension of our progressive business model. We have more than a decade of experience in connecting clients with the appropriate digital audiences, efficiently and at scale. For a company like ours, the Holy Grail is seamless creation and monetization of new quality content. While, traditionally, that content is website centric, music (as content) is a natural and innovative progression. The unparalleled reach of our digital network of young music-centric audiences will give Squid Inc. Squad a huge advantage over more traditional labels.”

Saigon adds, “I feel so blessed to be able to launch this label the way I have always wanted to see one launched. Working with a digital powerhouse like CPXi is the missing piece that will allow SIS to unlock the real talent that is struggling to be heard. SIS is what the future of a branded integrated music label will look like. In 10 years music will be all digital and 100% tech driven.”

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